Some sites look more trustworthy than others. Usually it’s the simplicity of the site and the transparency of the information offered by the site owners. The Bitnyx is such a site.

The site has just two features and both of them are well implemented:

  1. The main faucet page, allowing you to claim up to 30 satoshi every 30 minutes.
  2. A natural ranking of the people who claimed the most per week, and a weekly price of 0.00100000 BTC to the winner.

This is how it looks. The Faucet page is essentially a grid of ads, with a Faucet button in the middle.

With one click you claim your reward, and then wait 30 minutes to click again. And so on. No tricks, no pop-ups.

Speaking of transparency, see image below. On the right are the amounts the active users manage to claim per week. You can see the range is about 0.00005000 - 0.00005700 BTC per week. Remember that the top person also receives a bonus of 0.00100000 BTC! On the left you can see some top withdrawals with very decent amounts.

As with most of the faucet sites, you’re also able to make money referring people, which is a hard a but rewarding task!

Other news: We're preparing two new sections of the website: Invest in Alt Coins | Learn to Trade (While You Sleep). Stay tuned!