The is a simple and a minimalistic faucet. You are not required to register with your email account, but rather you log into the site with your wallet address. Please note that you need to use a bitcoin wallet address that you generate in your FaucetHub account.

When you arrive to the site you'll need to wait 10 seconds for the login button to appear, as shown on screenshot below.

Similarly, after you log in and complete captcha, you will need to wait for 10 second for the claim button to appear.

The sato faucet changes its payout scheme often. Several weeks ago it was paying 100 satoshi every hour. Now, as you see from the screenshot, it allows you to claim with 0 min interval (claim after claim, no wait) and pays you 20 satoshi, but you can only 7 times per day. Tomorrow the payout scheme may be different again.

The withdrawal is automatic. The amount you earn in sato is withdrawn and deposited every-time you claim. There's no minimum. As mentioned, you must claim into your FaucetHub account only, since both of these sites are "linked" together.

Other news: We're preparing two new sections of the website: Invest in Alt Coins | Learn to Trade (While You Sleep). Stay tuned!