Out of many faucet sites, stands out for its consistency and simplicity.

While you can complete tasks within site’s Offer Wall, the simplest feature of the site is its faucet. When you start a new account and do not yet have any power-ups, you are allowed to claim every 5 minutes for up to 40 times per day. The menu says Faucet Ready! after the 5 minutes pass and you can click the menu to claim your reward.

Each claim earns you 10 satoshi consistently, thus resulting in a 0.00000400 BTC reward per day. Note, this is exclusively from the faucet claiming and does not include rewards from any other tasks or games that you could complete. Anything you do in addition will increase your payoff even more.

For example, there’s a free Slots Roll you can do hourly. With some luck you can roll 10, 50, 100 or even several thousands of satoshi, which is added to your account.

The is offers two options to withdraw the money you earn: 1) to your coinbase account and 2) to your account. You can change the settings here:

The withdrawal minimum? A very reasonable amount of 0.00000500 BTC, which you could send directly to your email address on a weekly basis. Important, you do not put your BTC wallet address but rather email address of your account in the payment method settings. This way you completely avoid miner/transfer/withdrawal fees.

What is your experience with faucet? Do you use it regularly? Any issues with it? Are there any tips you can share with others?

Other news: We're preparing two new sections of the website: Invest in Alt Coins | Learn to Trade (While You Sleep). Stay tuned!