Favorite Faucets

Hello everyone!

A lot has changed since we’ve published this website earlier this year. One, the price of the Bitcoin went up from circa 3,500 USD to over 10,000 USD occasionally reaching up to 12 or 13 thousands of US dollars. Such an increase in value had put many of the faucet websites out of business, as they could not afford giving away the promised rewards. Many have gone offline without distributing the amounts in your wallets, thus simply stealing your money. These are the risks that you need to be aware of and accept when investing your time or your money in cryptocurrency related services. In this post, below, we list the faucets that remain loyal to their members, continuing dispensing free satoshi, even if the overall amount of the rewards had to be decreased.

Also, we have some new experience that we’d like to share with you, so please stay tuned for new sections of this website where we’ll be talking about investing in Alt Coins and Trading.

The Top 15 Cryptocurrency Faucets That Still Work!

These are still our favorites… many of them you’ll see on the side panel →

Other news: We're preparing two new sections of the website: Invest in Alt Coins | Learn to Trade (While You Sleep). Stay tuned!