Bitsgap - Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

In our past posts we listed sites with free faucets to obtain major cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (BTC) as well as resources to get and increase your alt coins. Collecting and holding on to your cryptocurrency can be thought of as an investment, which would pay off in a long term.

When you are trading you are expecting the results from the price fluctuation of coins. Unlike investment, this is a speculative and risky affair, and your success is directly proportional to your knowledge and experience. The less you know the more likely you are to loose your money. There are many resources on the internet to get you started with trading, including demo and “paper” accounts where you can trade on a real exchange like Binance using imaginary funds. Or, you can set aside a smaller amount of real money - an amount that you’re comfortable to loose if you make a mistake. In this article we’ll speak about cryptocurrency trading starting with just $50, and using a Bitsgap trading bot that would assist you along the way.

To be continued…

Examples of our past trading with Bitsgap

This is a placeholder for a screenshots of our past trades.