Best Cryptocurrency Faucets

If you’re new to crypto faucets this site is for you. We list bitcoin and other digital currency faucets that are verified for their value and reputation. Usually people start trying-out faucets out of curiosity, or as a hobby, but with some knowledge and consistency such hobby can offer a good income. Our goal is to share the knowledge and to enable you to earn digital currency in the way that suits your interests and your life-style.

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Invest in Alt Coins

Dogecoin (DOGE) has made a lot of news recently as a fun alternative to bitcoin. (By the way, our favorite faucet to earn Dogecoin is Free-Dogecoin - try it, you won’t find a better one!) DOGE, however, is one out of thousands of Alt Coins available for you to trade and collect. As of today, lists over 2,300 different cryto coins and tokens. Many had tremendous growth since their initial release to public, but some turned out to be worthless.

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New: Learn to Trade (While You Sleep)

You may have heard of trading bots. After trying several of them, we have settled on Bitsgap. Below we will explain why. First, you’ll need to create an account on one of major cryto exchanges such as Binance. Then, sign up for a free trial at Bitsgap.

In the following article we’ll describe how Bitsgap auto-trades without your involvement and doubles or triples your investment within a month. Continue reading: Bitsgap - Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.